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Sunday, 21 December 2008

the older generation

wtf is it with old people bitching about the younger generation? they can't use the internet or mobile phones, they have reactionary political views, they can't adapt to change... why don't they stfu for once? they go on about the old days, talk about the 80s or whatever as if it was better than now, even though they never had torrents or x-box or subway or anything that actually makes life worth living.

i agree we do have problems now like the broken economy, violent chavs, stuck up girls who won't give you the time of day (and get a bigger thrill from denying men sex than actually having it) even i look back wistfully to when i started uni in 2003 and i'd wasted all the time and party with my bros, but then i remember i am basically doing the same shit now.

no matter how many times the older generation try to oppress us and tell us we're no good, we know in our hearts that we are the new generation bustin' through, breaking down the barriers, exploring cyberspace and creating a new, totally awesome future.

fuck old people, imo.


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