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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

gayness is so 90s

i can't believe the gays are still making a big deal out of the fact they like one up the wrong 'un. nobody gives a shit anymore, guys! sure, back in the day you had dudes like julian clary, dale winton, alan cumming and eddie izzard all blasting the fuck out of pre-conceptions and social mores. these dudes were kicking the doors off the closet and showing the world that you could be down for some man-love and still rock a righteous 'tude.

but nowadays? gayness is over, it's boring, we accept it, nobody thinks it's gross anymore. even old conservative people love paul 'o grady and graham norton. so stop going on about all this shit like it's a big deal. even ultra-mainstream trends like emo and tweecore have gayness as one of their central elements now.

you know what i think is making a comeback, tho? STRAIGHTNESS. jus' being a normal bro who loves pussy pie, the footy, looking at some fit birds and chugging a few brews with his friends, no freaky sex or men wearing make-up involved at all. if that's not super-cool, i don't know what is!


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