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Saturday, 6 December 2008

hog heaven

man, i'm really not into fat chicks, i have to say. there's a couple of girls on the heavy side (scarlett johannson for instance) that i might smash after a few magners but generally i'm not feeling those vibes. one thing that's always puzzled me is porn with fat girls in it. the whole idea of porn is that it's a poor man's substitute for actually getting your bone on, right? but the thing with fat chicks is that they're all gagging for it! any scrub can get with a whopper, piece of cake. tubbies are the tesco value range of bitches, obvs. so, if you are a bit of a chubby chaser yourself, quit whacking and get stacking! my local yates' is filled with chunky flange on the reg, all desperate for evern just a few inches of cock. there are two reasons for this:

a) 99% of dudes (who, are y'know, NORMAL) wouldn't slam a fatty in a million years, the idea is gross to us, so most pudgesters are cyring out for a poke, they ain't had it for aaaages.

b) fat girls just love more of EVERYTHING, pies , cakes, chocolate and of course... penis! "gobblegoobblebeeelch! more cocks, more cocks! slobber! drool!"

in a strange way, i kind of feel jealous of these weirdos, tbh. they know they can go out any night and take home a bed-bustin porker to pound all night. while the rest of us struggle with women who can actually pick and choose which kind of guys they wanna get jiggy with.

chubby chasers are so spoiled for choice, they truly are in HOG HEAVEN.

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