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Monday, 8 December 2008

hip hop is... uncool?

sorry, just not feeling hip hop anymore. it's become way too commercialised and dumbed down. it's all "money, bitches, hos, nigga this, nigga that..." AD NAUSEUM.

don't get me wrong, i love classic old school groups like public enemy who were really saying something, but all this gangsta stuff is a betrayal of hip hop's true roots in graffitti, breaking, scratching, rapping and all that sort of stuff. rap is just an industry now, it has lost it's soul. i first realised this when i saw the so called "mc" soulja boy, a one man nadir of everything that is wrong with rap music and our degraded culture which embraces talentless frauds like him.

there are a few REAL mc's out there, guys like EL-P, aesop rock, ICP, cage, necro, scroobius pip, non phixion etc... that show us what hip hop can be when released from the commercial gangsta format strangling the genre these days. but these guys are few and far between.

RIP hip hop

1992 - 2008

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